The Courses

We hold courses in different places around the world, run by different people, for different lengths of time. But they all have some important things in common.

They are always…

  • adventurous, taking writers into new, unexplored territory, stretching them, expanding their notions of what they can achieve.
  • led by at least two tutors, each of whom is committed to our purpose, is an outstanding writer, and is skilled at bringing out the writer in others.
  • held in a location we have chosen for a creative purpose. It’s important that we connect our writers and their writing with a sense of place, whether it is a spectacular setting or a quiet retreat.
  • fun. We work people hard, very hard sometimes. We ask them to do seemingly impossible tasks. But it is fun; there is time to chat, laugh, relax.
And our residential courses…
  • allow for plenty of personal reflection and exercises. People have the time and space to discover some profound things about writing and communications.
  • include communal meals. Eating together helps us to share what we’re learning and make new connections.
  • include a personal tutorial. Every writer has an opportunity to discuss their writing in private.
    Taster Days


    Starter Days

    A series of one-day workshops at Strawberry Hill House, Twickenham. An introduction to Dark Angels for those who want it, a refresher for those who thirst for it.

    27 March
    22 May
    2 October
    • a safe space to try us out
    • for newcomers or returners
    • full day, London or Edinburgh
    • price £475

    2 Day / 3 Night

    Two-Day Foundation

    This short residential course is held at various locations: Halzephron House in Cornwall, Highgreen Manor in the heart of the Northumberland National Park, and Loughcrew House in Co Meath, Republic of Ireland.

    3 - 6 April
    25 - 28 June
    • a safe space to find your voice
    • choice of dates and venues
    • Wednesday evening to Saturday morning
    • £1,900
    • £1,150 self-funded/freelance

    4 Day / 5 Night

    Four-Day Foundation

    The original Dark Angels course (first held in 2004 at Totleigh Barton, Devon), this longer residential course now takes place at Moniack Mhor, Scotland’s Creative Writing Centre, near Inverness in the central Scottish Highlands.

    4-9 November 2019
    • a safe space to tune up your voice
    • spectacular Scottish Highland location
    • Monday evening to Saturday morning
    • £2,600
    • £1,5000 self-funded/freelance

    3 Day / 4 Night

    American Foundation

    This is the American version of the original Dark Angels Foundation course. Takes place in a great big house on the water. Nearby is New Bedford, MA the setting for Moby Dick.

    October 2019
    • a safe space to find your voice
    • on the gorgeous New England coast
    • Friday evening to Tuesday morning
    • price tbd
    • self-funded/freelance rate available


    Advanced Course

    This advanced level course builds directly on the work of the Foundation Courses. It is held in a large, comfortable private house with a pool, in the wooded Sierra de Aracena, a national park 100 kilometres north-west of Seville.

    19 - 24 September 2019
    • a safe space to spread your wings
    • Andalucia, Spain
    • Thursday evening to Tuesday morning
    • £2,600
    • £1,700 self-funded/freelance

    Special Invitation


    This challenging course is held every second year at Merton College, one of Oxford’s most ancient colleges, founded in 1264. Attendance is by invitation only for those who have completed the Advanced Course.

    3 - 6 April 2019
    • a safe space to blow your trumpet
    • by invitation only
    • Wednesday evening to Saturday morning