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Room 121, John Simons and Jamie Jauncey

A little Dark Angels wisdom

Room 121, a lively dialogue between John Simmons and Jamie Jauncey (with a foreword by Stuart Delves), is a true masterclass in writing and communication in business.

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Established by Dark Angels Collective

A book by the Dark Angels collective

In Established, twelve business writers set out to find out how centuries old companies have survived scores of booms and busts, black sheep in the family and strange twists of fate.

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A novel by the Dark Angels collective

The world’s first-ever 15-author collective novel, Keeping Mum takes a dysfunctional family on a road trip with a body in the back of a white van – and secrets galore.

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Where it all began

We, Me, Them & It is the first of John Simmons' trilogy The Writer's Materials. He looks at how we can write and use words more creatively and persuasively in business today.

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Stories for brands

Changing the way we think about writing for business, in The Invisible Grail John explores how language, words and storytelling can create and build strong brands.

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Finding our creativity

In third of the trilogy John encourages us to be Dark Angels: to rebel against jargon and corporate speak, engage our emotions as well as our intellect and put our personality into words.

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