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American Foundation Course

Three days and four nights on the New England coast. For writers seeking a shot of inspiration.

The second Dark Angels American Foundation Course is a packed, three-day programme of short writing exercises and discussions with time for personal writing. You will draw on your life experience, knowledge of the business world, and inspiration from being in a beautiful place with a rich literary tradition.

Hone your writing and enrich your understanding of the power of language and storytelling.
A brief introductory session takes place on the first evening. The second night, tutors read from their own work. The final night students read from work they’ve done on the course. Tutors also hold half-hour writers' surgeries for each student.

The role of imaginative language and the importance of stories and narrative writing to business writing are central to all Dark Angels courses.

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Richard Pelletier & Neil Baker
Guest speaker, tbd.

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Student & Guest Speaker: Ted Leonhardt

"What did I learn? Well, I gained confidence in my writing from the exercises and the shared experience. I gained a new understanding of the importance of rhythm in my writing. I found that the change of pace from one exercise to another kept me not just engaged, but truly on the edge of my seat throughout the sessions.

Yes, my colleagues were all professional writers. Yes, they all had training and experience I hadn’t had. But I found them just as concerned that their work wouldn’t measure up as I. I watched as they threw themselves wholly into the exercises. I loved seeing how differently they approached the work  and in their results. I learned as much from interacting and observing as I did from the exercises themselves."


Nonquitt House

On the southern tip of Apponagansett Bay, our nine bedroom house at Nonquit is quintessential New England. It's pristine, quirky, and secluded -- built in 1873. It's an ideal spot for a writing workshop. It's right on the water, and about a five minute drive to the village of Padanaram and its shops, restaurants, and cafes. The house is four hours from New York City, ninety minutes from Boston, fifty minutes from Providence, and about 40 minutes to Cape Cod. A classic New England cottage in the land of Louisa May Alcott, Dickinson, Thoreau, Hawthorne and Melville.

"I like good strong words that mean something," wrote the American writer Alcott, who owned a summer home in Nonquitt.


Getting there

By car, the Nonquitt House is four-and-a-half hours from New York City, ninety minutes from Boston, and about fifty minutes from Providence. Flying into Providence will ease the travel burden by a great deal. Note: the Providence airport is a few miles outside of Providence.

Directions to Nonquitt, South Dartmouth, MA

Driving from New York City 

Driving from Boston

Driving from Providence, RI (T.F. Green Airport.

Mega Bus from New York City to Dartmouth

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