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Two courses (the first is Foundation, the second is Advanced) held on successive weekends in June. Each course runs three days in Seattle on a 65' yacht. For writers seeking a shot of inspiration, and a chance to write while touring local waterways.

Dark Angels Courses are packed, three-day programs of short writing exercises and discussions with time for personal writing. We’ll draw on our life experiences, knowledge of the business world, and inspiration from the setting. A gorgeous wooden boat cruising Seattle's waterways.

At both levels, Dark Angels courses are about honing your writing and enriching your understanding of the power of language and storytelling. The Advanced course builds directly on work done on the Foundation course.
Each day is a series of transformative writing exercises. You’ll head into entirely new territory with tutors guiding you every step. The final night students read from work they’ve done on the course. Tutors also hold half-hour writers' surgeries for each student.

Imaginative language. The importance of stories and narrative writing to business writing. It’s the heart of Dark Angels courses.

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Course, lunch and dinner

Cost: $2950.00
$1,950 self-funded / freelance
(lunch Fri, Sat, Sun) (dinner Fri, Sat)


Richard Pelletier & Jamie Jauncey
Guest speaker, Ted Leonhardt.

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Bookings & Travel

2020  June 12 14 {Foundation} Availability BOOK
2020  June 19 21 {Advanced} Availability BOOK

Captain, Dark Angels Alumnus, Guest Speaker: Ted Leonhardt

"What did I learn? Well, I gained confidence in my writing from the exercises and the shared experience. I gained a new understanding of the importance of rhythm in my writing. I found that the change of pace from one exercise to another kept me engaged, and truly on the edge of my seat throughout the sessions.

Yes, my colleagues were all professional writers. But I found them just as concerned that their work wouldn’t measure up as I. They threw themselves into the exercises. I loved seeing how differently they approached the work and in their results. I learned as much from interacting and observing as I did from the exercises themselves."


Seattle, Ballard, De Anza III

Seattle's Ballard neighborhood has a rich history, a thriving waterfront, and is one of the most interesting and dynamic hotspots in a city that is full of them. A short walk away are some of the best restaurants, coffee roasters, cafes, and shops anywhere in Seattle.

We'll draw inspiration from some great literary figures from Seattle and the greater Pacific Northwest. Sherman Alexie, Raymond Carver, Marilynn Robinson, among others. Our home for three days is the glorious De Anza III, moored in Ballard.

De Anza III is an historic flush deck, twin screw, motor yacht. Designed by Ted Drake a noted Vancouver, BC naval architect she was built and launched from the Western Craft  yard, just north of Vancouver, in 1959. She has been preserved and updated in ways that have maintained her character by loving owners since.

Although De Anza’s lines and configuration follow the look and feel of late fifties and sixties period motor yachts, she is a completely custom, one of a kind design.


Getting there

Ballard is about a one hour drive from SeaTac airport, and is a fair bit longer during afternoon commute hours. Lyft, Uber, Shuttle Services, and public transportation are all available.